RetailActiv International is a fully integrated Sales and Marketing Agency servicing Mexico and Latin America. Channels covered include grocery, drug/pharma, mass merchant and club.
If you are interested on expanding your business to Mexico and Latin America, call us, we can help you.

Headquarter Calls

With a full staff of bilingual associates, we ensure excellent communication between Clients and our Principals. A Team Leader will be responsible to manage the headquarter relationship at a highest level and a Business Manager will work on the day to day account management.

Insight analytics

We will provide our Principals with a custom insight report that will enable the Team to better understand and respond to consumer purchase behavior, look at sales opportunity and overall, feel empowered to make decisions to satisfy the needs of the national Consumer.

Marketing Services

Our Marketing Team will work with our Principals to develop a specific marketing/promotional plan by Market (Country).

Growth strategy development

Our Team in Mexico will work with you to develop a business plan that includes, assortment selection, import support, price strategy and packaging solutions that will ensure you increase your chances of launching a successful product line in the international market place.

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